Sunday, May 4, 2008

Corregidor Island

This was the day we went to Corregidor, the island off Mariveles, Bataan. Its where the US had built what they thought would be a saving place for troops forced out by the Japanese. But the bombing of Pearl Harbor stopped the Navy from forming any rescue. We went over in three of these boats. The trip took about half hour. Pictured is the group that made the trip, its Pday for the Missionaries, so they got to go. That's Sister Bulanon modeling Pday attire. There is a lot to see of the history, like this memorial. The tunnel that MacArthur holed up in is still there, and a tour takes you through it, complete with sound effects of the bombing outside. The large bombed-out building is a barracks built for the troops.This is one of the big guns of Corregidor, it could lob shells clear to Mariveles, but couldn't help do anything about the Death March, for fear of killing POWs, both American and Filipino.

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