Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pictures of Interest

The newest member of our Branch is Julie Ann. She reads everything given to her cover to cover. The Sisters who taught her are Sister DeGuzman and Sister Bulan.
Aeta's are a dark group of mountain people that live among us here and sell things like you see in the picture. There seems to be a lot of prejudice against them , they are viewed as a lower class. The ones we have become familiar with in town seem friendly enough.

No one is shy here about choosing alternative life styles , and there are many that choose alternative styles.

Eddie on the left and Ruth on the right are the mission kittens. We raised them when their Mom was run over in the street, at that time they were three weeks old. We love playing with them.

The Branch in our complex bought new uniforms this year for the sportsfest , volley ball and basketball are taken very serious here.

Once after a day in the office, Sister Burtenshaw and I walked on this beach close by and bought necklaces from the Muslims. It was very beautiful.


Clint and Tami said...

Marsha and Kerry-

Sorry I have not been good about writing to you! I have no excuse with the modern technology that is available. The pictures look like you are doing great! Keep up the good work.

We are enjoying the chaos that is having 5 kids. About 4 months ago I changed positions inside of ConocoPhillips and now sell Jet Fuel to General Aviation airports. We still live in Eagle Mountain and are loving life. We supply the Flagstaff and Winslow airports with fuel and next week I will be meeting with the manager of both (same guy).

Enjoy every day of your mission because it will be over before you know it. Thanks for setting a great example for my kids! We love you!

Kymi said...

Hello, I was just reading through this post and thought...what unique, once in a lifetime experiences. And you are getting to experience them. I'm so happy for you, that last picture is beautiful! Looking forward to hearing more. Thanks for sharing.

Comerfords said...

Hey great pictures guys. We really enjoy the posts and all the pictures. Hope you have lots of success during the rest of the mission. We look forward to seeing you when you get back.

Bethany and Cameron said...

So Mom, that pic of you in the jumper---total flashback to my mission!!! You know those aren't allowed after you get home, right???:)

Rebecca said...

Hey love the updates:) I am kind of a computer addict. I have the ringers off on the phones in our house - babies sleeping, etc. But, I'm terribly homesick for family so whenever I have a second I run to the computer to check e-mail, blogs, etc., sometimes at 3am – just whenever I can. I love to feel connected to family any way that I can and with my chaotic schedule the computer is the easiest for me now. We had a great time with mom & your parents:)