Sunday, January 27, 2008

Back to The Hard Pioneer Days

We had no idea that people still had coal burning irons. We visited this Sister and she was using one. She said that you put the hot coals in the top and iron the Levi's first and then as the iron cools you use it on the more delicate clothing. Not everyone has electricity where we are and a lot of people do not have running water. If they do have electricity it may be hanging wires with one light bulb. Some have more , many have TVs.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year !! We know it's going to be a great year with lots of new learning experience.
We hope to do better with our blog... We didn't know we would be so busy.

This is the pig that Brother Catalogo cooked for the Branch Christmas Party.

For 2007 these are two of our favorite people. Brother and Sister Catalogo. Bro. Catalogo takes care of the whole compound here, he fixes everything, and he always has the smile. Sis. Catalogo is very shy, she cleans our apartment and washes our clothes and I hope she is coming with us when we come home,because I have never seen everything so clean.They have three daughters and one granddaughter. They are very faithful people and add a lot of strength to the branch.

This is Elder Kimberlin's News Years Eve toy, the shorter guy in the picture, Rommel, made it for him. It's a sulibong. Cans taped together, with holes in the cans, then you put alcohol in one end and light it. It makes a bomb like sound and blue flame shoots out the end. Great, New Years Eve toy ! On the spiritual side of the story about Rommel and his family, we love visiting them and getting to know them. They come to church every Sunday and Rommel now passes the sacrament, it always makes us think of Austin and Weston doing the same thing in Utah each Sunday.
Next blog I am going to tell you about "NQR" It was taped to my office door when I arrived, I'm not sure how long it has been here, maybe years. It's what we refer to when things are not as we thought they should be or different from what we are use to, we meaning Americans. It stands for " Not Quite Right"