Thursday, January 29, 2009

People We Worked With In Town

The lady in the pink is Merlyn, it was her Happy Birthday so Sister Aquino and I took her a hat and a cake. Merlyn helped so much with our electric bills for the missionary apartments. At first I thought maybe she didn't like us so much because we could not understand each other over the phone and she would be impatient with me, but we turned out to be friends.
These are the guards at the bank. The man on the left saved our lives one day. We were with the new couple the Jones, helping them get their accounts set up and we left the blue binder (with all the money in it) behind. I thought we had it because we had a blue binder, but it turns out it was Sister Jones' and the money binder was left at the bank, for hours. This guard saw what had happened and when we walked up he had a big smile on his face. He had put it in his drawer for me. This is truly amazing because he is so poor and his little girl has cancer and they were just starting the treatments. So next time we went we took brownies, brownies make every thing better.

Across from the bank is the Reflexology Spa and for $8 you could sit in a recliner and get you feet soaked and worked on for 30 min. We became really good friends with these young ladies.

Doesn't Elder Kimberlin look so happy !

These are some of the bank people we got to know. Andy is the guy on the left with his hands in his pockets, he always helped us, not just with the money but with where to go eat and important info like that. We cannot say enough about how wonderful the people were to us everywhere we did our mission bussiness. We miss them.

The New Suits

Guard at the grocery store, there are guards at every entrance to every store, always with a big gun.
The Tailor and his wife, very nice people. They work in the small shop, about 14x14 feet.

Getting all the info. We picked out beautiful cashmere material, it never wrinkles, and looks beautiful.

The tailor was able to guess the waist size without measuring. Elder Kimberlin had two suits made, each one costs about $80


Winding down in November

These pictures go with the turkey at the bottom. Sorry....

Elder Ko during a break.

Treats at zone conference. Do you see the excitment on their faces ?

This picture does not show her beauty. Her face looked like a beautiful porcelin doll would look, flawless.

Elder Ko came to visit with his beautiful wife, they are Korean. They were both funny and a joy to be with. He is the one in the orange tie and she on his right. Elder Ko said we need more couples !

This is a trip to Mt. Samant. It is a big cross with an elevator to the top, it was beautiful. We all brought food and had a lunch together. Its at the location of the last great battle for Bataan in WWll.

We are so happy for Jerome Factura he finally found his true love.

She seemed to be crying a bit, she must have been so happy

We had a wedding. James Fernandez and his bride Jackie

We cook a turkey dinner at the mission home, many had not tasted turkey. They said they liked it but I don't think they liked it as much as we did !