Sunday, April 5, 2009

Last Mission Thoughts

The ride is over, the time is gone, and as We look forward to seeing our loved ones back home, We hate to think of leaving our new family here. The love we found and enjoyed this last 18 months is only found in the Mission field. A very pure, unconditional, and open feeling of love that radiates from the people with pure, unconditional faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Brothers and Sisters in Christ, children of God, we look different, but "all are alike unto Christ."

Somehow all the problems, difficulties, differences, they all seem to disappear as the time to depart approaches, and all the fun, all the tears, all the faith-promoting and heart-wrenching experiences come to the forefront of our minds. We can only hope our friends here will remember us, as we remember them. "When one door closes, another opens", but still, its hard to go. In a word, unforgettable.