Monday, July 7, 2008

Trip to Manila

Each one of these walls is covered with names of Americans and Philippinos who died here in WW11. Medal of Honor recipients' names are in gold with a star by them.
Just one of many vistas with crosses and Star of Davids.
At the Manila Temple with Returned Missionaries Sister Bacatan and Sister Agustin
Beautiful wreath at the front of the Memorial.
Pres. Burtenshaw, the Thompsons, Kimberlins, and Snows in the rain. We didn't realize this was the beginning of Typhoon Frank.
More of the beautiful grounds surrounding the Memorial.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Typhoon Season

I believe this was a service station, the whole front is blown away. We asked some of our friends to the South how they survived, they said its just life in the Philippines. Needless to say, they get no government help, no FEMA, they just roll up their sleeves and go to work rebuilding.

This is driving down the National Highway, you can see the poles blown over, trees uprooted. The poles here are hollow concrete with tons of rebar. In places they were snapped like matchsticks.

Needless to say, typhoons are just terrible. This picture of Santa Cruz is where our couple missionaries live, this is the street to their house. The Snow's, they are from Virginia, lived using a generator for a month. They had to fill it every night with gas so they could have a little air conditioner going. We didn't hear them complain much, that's probably because the people they work with lost their homes and everything.