Thursday, February 28, 2008

Work Project

We love our Sister Missionaries ! Sister Drio and Sister DeGusman

Work projects are the best for getting to know everyone. Elder Kimberlin was so happy to get to use his big bolo knife, and he didn't have to see any snakes. They cleared bamboo and trees.

Yum, fish with their heads still on.

Cooking with the Ladies

Brother Navarro is really a good cook. The people that live in the house cook this way everyday,this is their stove.

Baptism in The South China Sea

This is our first baptism to watch being done in the Sea. It was a beautiful day with, with lots of nice people and good food.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Elder Teh

We should have told you about this a while back, Elder Teh came to visit. He was a great guy ! After our meeting we all went and had pizza , we all , meaning the couples. Elder Teh is what we in the church call a General Authority, a member of the 1st quorum of the 70's. At dinner we asked what the difference was in the 1st quorum and the 2nd quorum ? He said if you are called to the 1st quorum, it is a call that lasts until you are seventy years old, and the 2nd quorum is a 3 year call. He told us about his call and how he felt, it was great. He is such a nice person, and dinner was a fun time, kind of like if you had just played a softball game and you all went out for pizza and just talked about everything, he was just one of the players,only he is a really good player.