Sunday, September 16, 2007

Two Months Went By In A Hurry !

Two Months Went By In A Hurry ! Time is flying by and things are seeming more comfortable, even the traffic. We are learning our jobs, little by little. We are having success with the people in our branch and feel a part of it now. We have felt a few times when we have been led or directed and have had some good experiences.One Sunday when we picked up the Sister's that take us visiting, they had a treat for us ! It was Cassava, A root that looks like a white carrot, they slice it and cook it in coconut milk and brown sugar. It tasted really good.
It's been a sick month for us. Sister Kimberlin picked up the flu around the 3rd week in Aug. and was sick on her birthday. It was a Sunday so the Relief Society sisters wrote on her birthday card they had for her, notes of get well. One Sister wrote ; The wind carry our voices telling you that there are Sisters sitting in an other corner of the world wishing you the best of everything , get well soonWe love you...Then Elder Kimberlin has his turn. It was just awful and lasted for ever.
Last week while in town doing our shopping for the week, it was time to eat dinner, so we picked a place we had not been to give it a try. It was a Japanese/Korean place. Brand new, very nice. We sat on the floor and our waiter grilled the meat on the table in front of us. Our waiter turned out to be an investigator . We were able to talk to him a lot because he was the one cooking the meat. He has a girlfriend and a one year old little boy ( no money to get married) He asked if he could ask us a question ? It was the one about how he had always been taught that God and Jesus were the same person. We had a good discussion.It just all makes me know that Heavenly Father really picked our restaurant that night and He is in charge.
Two couples go home tomorrow. Now there are just two couples left and the Mission President. We will get one new couple the end of Oct., until then it will just be hard.
We went on a trip up North a few weeks ago to One Hundred Island, it was beautiful.