Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Calling

If you speak in Conference here they give you a flower to were, all most makes it worth it. The second picture is of Elder Kimberlin who is a part of this new Branch Presidency. President Lambino is in the middle, he speaks some English and the Brother on the right is Brother Centeno he speaks a few works of English. Communication is one of our biggest problems here.


Comerfords said...

So if they did speak english, could Elder Kimberlin hear them? I don't think language is the issue here! Congrats Kerry, you da man!

Diane said...

Hello, Elder and Sister Kimberlin this is Sister Bringhurst I just read were you had made a comment on our blog. What a nice surprise to hear from some fellow couple missionaries. We are from Idaho Falls, and know your Mission President, his office was just about in our back yard and there daughter Mindy and our daughter Stacy have been friends since high school. We had two wonderful missionaries from the Olongapo Mission serve here and we still hear from them, Garri Decano and Jasmin Canoneo if you see them tell them we love and miss them. How long are you serving for? We go home in December at the end of 23 months. We also have been busy, Elder is 1st councilor in the mission presidency, so we have alot of meetings to attend and traveling to do, also we are over 4 zones 64 missionaries 30 apartments, Elder also does the Vehicle report and I do the apartment list and calander for the other coupls and President we also do District Training on the island of Marinduque (very very beautiful) but a 3 hour boat ride each way. I looked a your blog and enjoyed it, our daughter and daughter-in law does our blog and they do a very good job at it. We would love to hear from you again. Our email is grandmabring17@gmail.com
Love Siste Bringhurst