Friday, March 27, 2009

The Trip Home

The airport in Taipai was so different, it was beautiful ! They had a room with Orchids you could relax in. A green room with plants and massage chairs. It was very clean.

Airport in Manila, waiting with other missionaries. And waiting and waiting and waiting...

Boracay by the Beach

In Boracay it was a different kind of beautiful. Beautiful flowers along with an interesting pig head. It is a great vacation spot for all of Asia.

Beautiful Baguio

We went to Baguio, which looks like Flagstaff, high in the mountains. We stayed a beautiful lodge. Ate wonderful food ! It was chilly at night, something we had not felt for a long time.

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chilly said...

Cute pictures, I'm so happy that your back, but I bet you two miss your mission a lot.