Sunday, March 15, 2009

Going Away Parties

Sister Aquino decided there should be a BIG going away party for us, with lots of our favorite food. Everyone should come and take part and do some kind of entertainment. She always said that was the Filipino style, so no matter how much work it was for her she always made sure that every dinner was wonderful and it always was.
People at the party.

More people at the party.

Same people at the Party. After we ate most everyone did a little entertaining, a form of saying goodby to us.

Couples - The Jones, Snows and Us.

All of the grilling was done by the Catalogo's.

Ruth and Eddie getting a bite.

Sister Kimberlin's favorite, large shrimp.

As always , plenty of good food. The Aquino's are wonderful cooks.

Branch Going Away Party

Elder Kimberlin with the Pres. Lambino, Sister Vista, Sister Lambino. These are a few of the pictures we took at the Branch going away party. It was happy and sad all at once. We thought maybe we could say goodby gracefully but every one followed us to the parking lot. It really did become like we belonged there. We loved those people so much, and they had so much love to give us back.

Always, at any good Branch party , intertainment ! Lots of dancing and singing.

And games for everyone, every age.

Elder Kimberlin with the members.

Sisters in Zion singing our last song together.

Sister Fernandez , she is the happy one, and our biggest supporter, with her Mom and Husband.

Bro. Neal, Jerome and his fiance. Plenty of food at the party !

Mission Home the last day.....

Elder Din, Elder Ruiz, Elder Kimberlin, Sister Kimberlin, Elder Perez, Elder Atacador

Last day at the mission home. Sister Aquino, Me and Ruth , Sister Hernandez. This is early in the afternoon before all the tears started. We took no pictures of that event, but it will be in our hearts forever.

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