Sunday, October 26, 2008

Eight More Weeks to Go

It's hard to believe that it is almost time to leave. The closer we get to the end the more busy we become and the faster the time flies. What an experience !
This young man has saved all these rubber bands, quite impressive.

On the table you will recognize the green been cassorole , the kind with the onions on top, cream of mushroom soup, very familiar to us. Sister Kimberlin made it for this training day for the District Presidents and their wives. It got some strange looks, kind of how we feel when we look at some of their food. Most gave it a try, some did not. Some really liked it and wanted the recipe. It was just fun to watch people.

This is just one of many funny signs we see almost every day, the people say things different than we do.

This is a fruit bat, it belongs to Greg the man in the picture, he has three and he invited us to meet them. They are large, look kind of like they have little dog faces and their wings look like soft brown leather. It was a fascinating visit. Greg has a tailoring shop, where you can get a suit or pants made. Sister Kimberlin has had several blouses made in his shop.

This is a water filter we use here and we are so glad we have it ! I'm not sure what would happen if we drank brown water ?

Just so no one will wonder if we get to eat good food every now and then, on SBMA (the old military base) there are new restaurant's going in. Korea is buying the Philippines, at least in our area.

This is training at a zone conference in San Antonio. Elder Makihele is not really into the training more into his picture being taken.

These are the Jones from Idaho. They are having a new experience, getting their drivers license in the Philippines, when you are new it is classified as an "experience" They were troopers, it is very hot and takes a long time, most things look a little strange at first.

The lady in pink is Merlyn, it is her happy birthday, we took her a cake and hat. She works in Olongapo and helps Sister Kimberlin with the electric bills for some of the apartments. By helping that means she doesn't have to stand in line forever.

This is Elder Agacer, he is going home on the day this picture was taken. He is the only one that loves Eddie as much as Sister Kimberlin. He lived next door to us and when he would come up the stairs he would yell, E D D I E, any time of the night or day.

This weekend we did training in Alaminos, it is north about 31/2 hours. We feel it is the best district. They had a family history center that was unbelievable, it functioned and is busy, they do New Family Search and it was impressive, the system they have going. We did training in other areas then we, with the President and his wife and the other Senior couple, the Snow's, went to a great restaurant right by the ocean and had the biggest shrimp we have ever seen , they were very good! Wish we had taken a picture.

We had a good experience a week ago. We have some good friends, Bert and Rayola Sorensen, they served in Iba in about 1992. When we attended the District Conference in Iba, we started asking people if they remembered the Sorensen's. Everyone old enough remembered them with very kind and loving words. The three Brother's above remember them really well and the sister standing with Sister Kimberlin was the lady that help them in their home. We are standing in front of the house they lived in. The Sister said everyone cried and cried when they left. The members sometimes come to Conference in Jeepney's like the one in the picture, some have to come quite a distance.


Kymi said...

What a great experience, one you two have always wanted to share. I'm so happy for you to have been able to do that together. On that same note I know there is a daughter and grandaughter that are super excited to have you home. Very exciting time in your lives! Enjoy the rest of the eight weeks and I love see all the pictures of your experiences.

Gayle J. Randall said...

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful pictures of the Philippines. We feel like we are still there when we see all the scenes that are so familiar to us. You are doing such a great work, including so much training! We would love to see you when you come home! Let us know! Love, Elder and Sister Randall

Amy said...

I can't believe that you have so little time left. I was just looking back through your posts and you guys have enough memories to last a couple of lifetimes. My in-laws are serving a mission in Germany right now, and it's amazing to see the difference in experiences. It looks like you are so loved and embraced by the people you serve and serve with. Can't wait to hear some of your stories in person. By the way gross water filter!!!

Amber said...

Hi. I served in the Olongapo Mission from 2000-2001. I just happened upon your blog. I searched through the pictures for some of my areas and perhaps people I love. I'm curious if you might know anything of the people in Bagac, San Marcelino, San Agustin, or Lingayen. Those were my areas.

I'm actually about to send about 10 large boxes of relief goods over to Lingayen tomorrow. They've been hit hard by this typhoon and flooding.

I miss it over there so much. The people are some of the best in the world.