Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pictures of Interest

This is a great family history story.Sister Kimberlin has been helping the Catalogo's do their family history this year. Bro. Catalogo (white t-shirt) had lost track of his family.His father died and his mother went to another country to work, someone else raised he and his brother. Over here it is not unusual for people to lose contact, most do not travel much. So he remembered he had an aunt who lived and hour and a half away, which to him was like clear across the US. So one day Elder Kimberlin was going to go move some Elders down south and the Catalogo's went with him and they stopped where he thought his aunt lived and found his step father and 3 sisters,one of the sisters had looked for him in 2002 and couldn't find him, so she was crying and crying she was so happy. They gave him his Mother's phone number and he made contact with her again, she is still living abroad. He was so happy !! In Dec. they are going to have a family reunion and his mother is coming home, he has not seen her for 21 years. How's that for a family history story!

This is a picture of the ladies at Enrichment meeting. They are learning to bake cookies in their toaster ovens. Most families have a toaster oven but no stoves with ovens. They really want to learn to bake, there seems to be a big interest in American food. We had a good time that day, and you can make oatmeal cookies in a toaster oven. Next I think we might learn to make taffy. In the second picture the Sisters are learning to bake pies in our apartment.


Kymi said...

That is a great story! About the baking...Sister Kimberlin is the best teacher for that sort of thing. She is a great cook! Love seeing the pictures of you two in your work you are doing! Miss you guys, sending a lot of love your way!

Gayle J. Randall said...

Elder and Sister Kimberlin: We loved seeing the pictures and reading the story about the Catalogos. You are so inspired to help them with their family history! You really are following the Spirit in your work! The story of him finding his family is precious. We are proud of you and you should feel so much joy in your work! Love, Scott and Gayle Randall