Friday, August 10, 2007

Aug. 10, 2007

Tomorrow will be our forth Sunday. We thought we would put some pictures of the people we are working with in our branch. The San Narciso Branch is located 30 miles north of the mission home ,where we live.Sister Kimberlin is in charge of the primary and Elder Kimberlin has been the speaker for the youth. The branch President said he would have a Primary President called this week, the last one just quit coming.

Enrichment meeting was a very spiritual experience. There were five of us.

It was great those ladies just carried on like there were 50 Sisters there. Opening prayer, song( the song " As Sisters in Zion" was so touching and spiritual,we could hardly hold back the tears.) Special number by Elder Kimberlin ( on his new guitar) a personality game by the Pres. , then the demo by Grandma, on how to make cell phone carrier out of bamboo, which none of us could follow or ever do. About midway the RS Pres, disappeared for a while, came back with a dish called lupia, kind of like egg rolls.You have to understand that they are big into cooking and sharing, part of her opening, before the game was the sharing of a new recipe. So we are not supposed to eat their food but there are only 5 of us, I'm sure someone would notice if we didn't. The lupia was so good. The people do not have ovens so they cook on 2 burner hot plates.The last couple missionaries showed them how to make rice krispie treats, big hit. So I need some recipes for treats on a 2 burner strove. We got talking about how we don't know what to buy at the palenkes or markets outside. They took us downtown and helped us shop and told us what everything was, it was great. Grandma made me a purse and Elder Kimberlin a cell phone holder. Everyone here has a cell phone, they text, that's how they communicate.
Church was good the two families we visited came. That afternoon we had family home afternoon with them, Sister Kimberlin brought cookies and pickup sticks to play, it went well so we will see.

The hospital. No, the nightmare or the war zone would be more like it. It was worse than I would have ever imagined.Very few sheets, no clean sheets. Blood, filth, no nurses, no PJ's.Everyone crammed in a big room or hall ways. It was just terrible. Everything was old or rusted. If one of us gets hurt just take us to the airport and fly us out.


Comerfords said...

Hey guys! great to see some new pics. Hope the lupia stayed down.

Mark & Shawna said...

Elder & Sister,
Mark remembers the lupia. He still talks about some of his favorite foods from the Philipines. Leche flan is a custard-style dessert that he likes and it was a right-of-passage for new missionaries to eat baloot (I spelled if phonetically; I have no idea how it is really spelled) Baloot is a fertilized duck egg that has been allowed to mature part way and then cooked. Pin feathers and bones are a part of the fun. Street vendors sell them. I think you should seek some out and let us know what you think.
Why were you visiting the hospital?
Inquiring minds want to know.

Deena said...


Wow your mission sounds so fun! Hey I have a Family History Question for you, so e-mail me when you have time. My e-mail is on the ward list.
Brother Clement was just called to help us out with family history.
Lori Wood was just called as the new choir director! She's doing great!

My brother ate the food sometimes too when he was on his mission over there. He only had parasites once, he said he ate some really hot food and no more parasites!

Take Care,

Deena Sherwood