Sunday, June 17, 2007

This is Subic Bay. We will be close by. We thought we would put a web site address if you would like to look some more - -
This will be our address if you want to send money (just kidding) but maybe a Christmas card.

Elder & Sister Kimberlin
Philippines Olongapo Mission
National Highway
2209 Subic, Zambales

The church has what is called a pouch service. Use a regular stamp and send to;

Elder & Sister Kimberlin
Philippines Olongapo Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City, Ut 84130-0150

There are rules for the pouch service. Only letters, this means no pictures, money, checks,credit cards or stamps. So if you want to send us your credit card please us the first address.


Bethany said...

Hey, I already miss you guys. if you could do something to be "honorably" sent home, that'd be great...i could come up with some ideas if you need them. I'm so excited for you though! Love you!

Clint said...

The Hansen website is

Good luck on the mission. We will have to keep track of how you are doing through your blog.

Clarice said...

Marsha, if you do not have your home rented the whole time you will be gone I have a nephew that just moved back to Taylor and can't find a place to rent. They are living with his parents at the present time, who are Corwin & Cyndee Larson. They want to build a home and felt it would work to have until you get home to build. Craig and Jennifer Larson are there names. Craig just graduated from ASU and works for Salt River as a Engineer and Jennifer works for National Bank. They are expecting there first child in Feb. E-mail me and let me know who to put them in touch with.
Good luck and enjoy. Clarice

Tom and Ive said...

Yat-ta-hey !! We miss ya'll and we'll keep you in our prayers.

Love ya!

arhoton said...

Hi, hope you get a nap sometime in the next few weeks.....can i send you anything. I lived through girls camp, even did some rapelling (sp?) I didnt enjoy it...Went back to work today. I love bethany's comment...i only know unhonorable things to do...much easier...and faster trip home.
w ae rooting for you

arhoton said...

Hi, hope ou got to have a nap...
Drove by your house and it was looking good.
I love Bethany's comment to get sent home, I can
only think of "dishonorable" things you could do, but then you would have a faster trip home and mis out on a lot of stuff! Sounds like house may be rented more..good for you. Have fun this week and safe driving! rhotons